21st Birthday Party

The brief:

The Great British Summer.

The venue:

Large level lawn.

  • The clients gave us the idea and we ran with it!

  • Multi coloured ceiling swags and stripy wall linings added a seaside beach hut feel to the 40ft x 60ft marquee.

  • Guests were sat at various sized round tables with wooden folding chairs to keep the relaxed summer feel going.

  • Drinks on the lawn were served from vintage ice cream trikes and enjoyed in traditional beach deck chairs. We sourced these props especially for this event.

  • To keep the dinner relaxed and informal we placed some of the dining tables on the dance floor and cleared them away to make way for the evening entertainment and dancing. This allowed a larger number of guests to be seated in a smaller space and made the marquee and dance floor feel full all evening.

21st Birthday Party
Summer Time Party Marquee

Wedding for 70 Guests

The brief:

“We want a simple marquee which will feel like part of the garden for 70 seated guests”

The venue:

Landscaped garden with lawn area surrounded by flower beds and patio.

  • Securing the guy ropes in the flowerbeds surrounding the lawn allowed us to make the most of the available space.

  • Sleeves on the side poles which matched the roof lining softened the look of the exposed poles and created pretty frames for the lovely views out onto the garden.

  • A very popular seating choice of long runs of trestle tables and wooden folding chairs provided the client with the relaxed atmosphere they wanted.

  • Homemade bunting and paper lanterns hung through the ceiling made this a truly charming wedding.

Traditional Pole Tent
Wedding reception multi-coloured bunting

18th Birthday Party

The brief:

“to create a Night Club style party for 150 guests”

The venue:

Paddock with uneven ground

  • A solid wooden floor overlaid with carpet overcame the issue of the uneven ground and provided a solid surface underfoot.

  • With plenty of space available we partitioned a 40ft x 90ft traditional pole marquee into a 40ft x 30ft reception area for arrival drinks. This then allowed our client to have a big reveal to his stunning 40ft x 60ft Night Club much to the amazement and approval of his guests.

  • Night Sky roof lining and black walls created the perfect back drop for some stunning furniture pieces. A black and white chequered dance floor was the centre piece, surrounded by illuminated poseur tables and a fabulous curved Bar which changed colour throughout the evening.

  • Lighting played a very important part in creating the right atmosphere and we used a selection of laser lights and LED’s to project moving and colour change images around the marquee, all activated by the music. To finish the lighting and special effects package off we had 2 mirror balls and a smoke machine to ensure the party went on well into the night

Black and white dance floor and illuminated bar